For many people, owning a home is the American dream and it can become a reality, but not without realistic goals, good advice, practical planning, and an understanding of the costs involvded. Being educated and informed will aloow you to take the confusion and uncertainty out of the home-buying process to understand the importance and quality...
Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Programs/First Time Homebuyer Programs
The colonias of South Texas are considered some of the poorest areas in the United States.  The 2000 Census found that the Cameron Park colonia, the oldest and largest colonia in the United States, is also the poorest community (communities with a population...
YouthBuild is a youth and community development program that concurrently addresses fundamental issues facing low-income communities: housing, education, employment, crime prevention, and leadership development. In CDCB’s YouthBuild program, low-income young people ages 17-24 work toward earning a GED...

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Homeownership Housing Programs

The colonias of South Texas are considered some of the poorest areas in the United States.  The 2000 Census found that the Cameron Park colonia, the oldest and largest colonia in the United States, is also the poorest community (communities with a population of 1,000 people or more) in the United States. In Cameron and Willacy counties alone there are over 120 colonias identified by the Texas Water Development Board. To meet the housing needs of colonia residents, CDCB, in 1996, implemented a Colonias.  CDCB has adopted a three-part colonia redevelopment plan to upgrade colonia housing stock that includes rehabilitation, reconstruction, and new housing construction.

In 1996, CDCB was selected by the State of Texas to found and operate the Cameron/Willacy County Self Help Center to serve five (5) colonia areas - four (4) in Cameron County and one (1) in Willacy County.   Currently, CDCB is serving all rural and colonia locations throughout Cameron and Willacy Counties. CDCB has developed several model loan and grant programs to meet the income and credit needs of the colonia population.  These include:

  • HOME Rehabilitation/Reconstruction
  • Disaster Recovery for homes affected by Hurricane Dolly
  • Colonia Self Help Housing
  • Rural Housing and Economic Development
  • Federal Home Loan of Dallas Rehabilitation Assistance

Currently CDCB is partnering with Cameron County, The State of Texas, Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation, Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, US Department of HUD and Department of Ag. These partnerships are allowing CDCB to deliver much needed safe sanitary affordable housing to the poorest of the poor in South Texas.

Gallery Section 

First Time Homebuyer Programs

1. Affordable Family Communities
To meet the growing demand, and to spur large scale production of affordable housing, CDCB began its Affordable Housing Subdivision Program in 1996 with the Windwood Subdivision. As of September, 2010, CDCB has developed/purchased 2,090 buildable lots in a total of thirteen (13) subdivisions, upon which 1,432 affordable homes (69% of all developed lots) have been constructed and sold to qualifying families. CDCB maintains an inventory of lots in order to keep property sales prices affordable for families will into the future. Rural and urban affordable housing subdivisions are developed by CDCB through raw land acquisition and infrastructure development, or CDCB acquiring improved lots from private sector developers through multiphase purchase agreements. Each subdivision features varied floor plans, each with multiple elevations that provide 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, with a single car garage, as well as community parks and green space. All homes constructed in CDCB’s subdivisions are Energy Star Certified or better.

2. Downpayment Assistance
Many low-income families are unable to purchase a new home because of their inability to save enough money for the downpayment and closing costs. To overcome this barrier, CDCB, in partnership with, the City of Brownsville and the State of Texas, have created one of the most successful downpayment assistance programs in the State of Texas. Currently CDCB has access to Downpayment Assistance ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on location and need. This assistance is provided to CDCB from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (HOME and Housing Trust Fund) and Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (AHLP and HELP).

3. Mutual Self Help Program
The Mutual Self Help/Bootstrap Housing Program creates homeownership opportunities for families earning 60% or less of the States Median Family Income. Six (6) to ten (10) families work together over eleven (11) months, sharing labor and skills to successfully complete each home, with each family moving into their new home after all homes are complete. Participating families contribute their labor in building 65% of the new home for themselves and the other participating families (Sweat Equity). The “sweat equity” of each participating family reduces the loan amount for each home by as much as $12,000. CDCB provides lots in each of its Affordable Family Communities for the Mutual Self Help/Bootstrap Program, as well as purchases lots for Self Help housing in area colonias.

4. Neighborhood Stabilization
Program In order to stabilize neighborhoods hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis in Brownsville and Cameron County, CDCB is buying foreclosed homes, rehabilitating these homes and reselling them to low-income families ready to purchase their first home. This program is available to first time homebuyer families earning less than 50% of the Area Median Income and wanting to live in Cameron County. To date CDCB has purchased over 30 homes, rehabilitated 15 homes and has sold 10 homes to approved families.

5. Affordable Housing Loan Program
The Affordable Housing Loan Program (AHLP) is the organization’s oldest and longest running program. The purpose of the AHLP is to assist qualifying low income households by providing financial assistance for the construction of their new home. The AHLP is available to families who own a substandard home or are purchasing a lot in the City of Brownsville or Rural Cameron County. New homes are 3 or 4 bedroom , one or two bath, with kitchen, dining and living room. Central air conditioning and heat, utility room, and carport are available as options. CDCB requires only 3.5% for deposit and CDCB can refinance up to $7,500 on any balance owed on the lot for families. CDCB originates, packages, underwrites, and services a 20 year loan to low income individuals seeking new or replacement housing in conjunction with the Rio Grande Valley Multibank (RGVMB) - a U.S. Treasury Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) through which nine (9) stockholder institutions provide 80% of the permanent mortgage financing for each AHLP loan originated, with public funds providing the remaining 25%.

6. Mortgage Lending
In order to serve all families to become homeowners CDCB became a full serves mortgage lender. Focusing on mainly first time homebuyers but able to serve all segments of the market place CDCB uses its knowledge of low-income, first time homebuyers to help them realize the Dream of Homewnership. In October, 1996, CDCB was approved as a Title II Direct Endorsement Lender by the Federal Housing Administration and in 1998 CDCB was the first non-profit in the State of Texas to originate first lien loans under the State’s Mortgage Revenue Bond Program. CDCB is a FHA Direct Endorsement lender; a Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer, and a USDA approved lender. Since October, 2000, CDCB has originated over $103 million in mortgage loans, averaging $9.4 million per year.

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